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Lars Jansson is a jazz pianist, composer, arranger and educator. His trio has long been one of the most renowned jazz groups in Sweden. In 1998, Lars was nominated to the Danish Jazzpar Prize and he
became the first jazz professor in Aarhus, Denmark.
He was honored in Denmark with a Grammy in 2001
for the ”Best International Album,” Hope, the Lars Jansson Trio.

Other than jazz piano trio, Lars has composed music for small jazz groups, big bands, choirs, saxophone quartets, woodwind quintets, string quartets and chamber orchestra. The original music in this collection of selected piano transcriptions and lead sheets are from his numerous recordings to date with the Lars Jansson Trio. 


Selected discografi


Arild Andersen; Shimri (ECM), Green shading into blue (ECM)

Radka Toneff; Winter Poem (Verve), It don´t come easy (Verve)

Lars Jansson Trio; A window towards being (Imogena), Invisible friends (Imogena), The time we have (Imogena), Hope (Imogena), Witnessing (Imogena), At Ease, live in Tokyo (Spice of Life) I am That (Imogena) , Worship of Self (Spice of Life), In search of lost time (Spice of Life ), Whats New (Spice of Life) Koan (Spice of Life) Sounds of my color (Naxos)

Lars Jansson Trio/Ove Ingemarsson "Everything I Love" (Spice of Life)

Bohuslän Bigband plays Lars Jansson, ”the Blue Pearl” (Phono Suecia), One poem, one painting-Bohuslän Bigband (Imogena) Temenos (Spice of life)

Paulo Fresu Paul McCandles Johan Borgström Christian Spering Morten Lund Giving Receiving

Jazz from Sweden-North American tour-91 (Caprice)

Red Mitchell-Evolution (Dragon)

Rune Gustafsson (Eagle records)

Tolvan Bigband-Colours (Phono Suecia)

Hans Ulrik-Strange World (Stunt)

Caecilie Norby (Blue Note), My corner of the sky (Blue Note)

Slow Fruit

Lars Danielsson European Voices

Lars Jansson-Tommy Kotter Sound Pictures Two pianos (Spice of life)

Peter Vuust with Veronica Mortensen

Ove Ingemarsson with Adam Nussbaum Heart of the Matter (imogena)

Sinne Eeg Waiting for Dawn


Teaching at

The Royal Academy of Music in Aahus, Denmark

Academy of Music in Esbjerg, Denmark

Högskolan för Scen o Musik-HSM, Göteborgs Universitet

Running a jazzfestival every summer in Ljungskile since 87


Studied Yoga, meditation and the analytical psykology of C.G. Jung for 20 years


© Lars Jansson All rights reserved.

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