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Upcoming recording with classical flute player Magnus Båge, Fredrik Jonsson-bass and Christer Sjöström-drums in sept 2013.

New recording "Everything I Love" with Ove Ingemarsson-sax, Thomas Fonnesbaek-bass, Paul Svanberg-drums. "Spice of Life" 

New Book; "Piano Transcriptions Lars Jansson"


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Jazz music is one of the few human activities that succeedes in combining responsibility for the collective with individual freedom. The great challenge for every musician is to find his personal sound, to express his true self and at the same time find his role in the group. In our search for self knowledge, finding meaning in our lives and to full fill our destiny, jazz music is a fantastic art form to help us on that path." Lars Jansson


E V E N T S​

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